Weekly Assignments

During weeks 1-4, you will be responsible for keeping up-to-date with the following assignments. They may be done at your own pace, but must be completed by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday night.

Progress Posts: Progress posts are blog posts that tell your audience about the research you did that week for your iSearch project and evaluating the research sources that you found. I’m expecting you to evaluate a minimum of 3 sources each week (B-level work), but you can and should feel free to include the citations of all the resources you are considering.

Progress posts will tell your audience about how your research is shaping your thinking, what questions remain to be explored, and where you are considering looking next. These are the questions and sources that should guide you through further research in the coming weeks.

The other component of the progress posts will be summary and responses to readings done each week for class. A paragraph or two (at least) should explain how you understood the readings and how it helps you think about your writing or your iSearch project.

Peer Responses: Each week, you will be expected to respond to peers’ work, including discussion board posts and progress posts. Satisfactory responses are not simple “yes, I agree” posts. They require you to consider your classmates’ ideas, react, and pose questions. “That was good” doesn’t help anyone improve. What is working? What isn’t working?

Your ability to complete these tasks on time will be reflected in your contract grade. Satisfactory work will receive a B. Excellent work will earn an A. Subpar work will receive a C or lower. +/- grades are possible.

Week 1: July 11 – July 17: The Writer

For the first week, you will be reading and writing about writing and writers. Also, carefully review the syllabus, the upcoming writing assignments, and the course policies. This course is extremely fast-paced, and if you wait until the last moment to ask questions, you will have already fallen behind.

Sign up: For a free WordPress blog account. That is where you will be posting all of your assignments and receiving feedback. Watch the videos in the WordPress folder on Bb if you need help. Email a link to (seems my SJU email is on the fritz).

Write — Due by Friday, July 12: Write a 350-500 word response to the questions below, and post it to your blog. You do not have to follow the order.

  • What is writing, and why do we write?
  • What does it mean to be a writer?
  • Who are you as a writer? Who do you want to be as a writer?

Read: “What is Academic Writing?” by Irwin Weisser

Review: iSearch and iSearch proposal instructions

Post – Due Monday, July 15: iSearch Proposal

Don’t forget your weekly assignments! (Only 1 research source mandatory in this week’s progress post)

Week 2: July 18 – July 24: Research

This week, you will be starting your semester-long iSearch project.

Review: “Where to Find Resources” Powerpoint

Read: “Annoying Ways People Use Sources” by Stedman

Don’t forget your weekly assignments!

Week 3: July 25 – July 31: Rhetorical Analysis

For the third week of the semester, we will be focusing on rhetorical analysis, a process that helps you to breakdown the ways in which arguments are constructed and circulated.

Watch: How to Conduct an Interview video

read: Read “Backpacks vs. Briefcases” by Laura Carroll

Write: Interview transcript — Think about who the best person is to answer your questions. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a traditional authority figure.

Don’t forget your weekly assignments!

Week 4: August 1 – August 7: Revisiting

During Week 4, we will be revisiting the draft of your iSearch project and letting it take shape.

Due by Saturday, August 3 Sunday, August 4: Using what you have learned about your topic through research, rhetorical analysis, and observation, write a 1000+ word draft (if we talked about other options, then follow those guidelines).

  • At the top of the top of the draft, include a paragraph about the types of feedback you need to move on to your final draft.
  • Use the MS Word comment function to leave specific questions throughout your paper. (optional, but it can be very helpful)

Don’t forget your weekly assignments (only 1 research resource evaluation mandatory for the Progress Post)!

Week 5: August 8 – August 14

During the last week of class, we will be revising writing and putting together the final ePortfolio.

Review: iSearch instructions & further instructions on the New Project Proposal — The completed iSearch and New Project Proposal are considered your final ePortfolio 🙂

Weekly assignments will NOT be due during the last week.

Due by Wednesday, August 14: Post ePortfolio link to blog by 7 p.m.



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