The Center for Writing Excellence Digital Dashboard: There are resources on just about anything writing-related, ranging from grammar issues to how to write research papers to discipline-specific writing.

10 Common Writing Problems (courtesy of the Writing Center): These are mistakes I definitely want you to be aware of and to avoid.

MLA Style: Almost everything that you will need to know about MLA style can be found on Purdue University’s OWL (Online Writing Lab).

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing:

Grammar getting you down? Grammar Girl has easy to follow advice that’s paired with a sense of humor. She even has podcasts that you can take with you and listen to later.

Web 2.0 Tools:

A list of useful Web 2.0 resources

Useful Websites courtesy of the Writing Center:

The Institute for Writing Studies homepage:

The Counseling Center: If you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress, struggling with depression, or just need someone to talk to free from judgment or social pressures, the Counseling Center can help.



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