Welcome to ENG1000c: Composition online!

Hello ENG1000c students,

Welcome to your online Composition course. In 5 weeks, we have a lot to accomplish. This site will be the central location for course updates, class readings, class assignments, and discussion. You should also look here for assignment clarification and general announcements. Check in every day!

You will each create your own WordPress blog, as well, where you can post each of the writing assignments for this course, get feedback from peers (and outsiders if you’d like), and comments on others’ writing.

Please go through the contents of this site carefully, especially the Syllabus. Some items will be posted later, but all of Week 1’s materials will be available immediately, under the Agenda section of the syllabus. Feel free to leave comments with your questions or concerns.



PS- My St. John’s email account is on the fritz. I am not ignoring your emails. I simply cannot access them. Please feel free to email me at npapaioannou@pace.edu in the meantime.