Grammar Help

Some of you have noted that you need help with grammar. It’s hard to address grammar during an online course and out of context. This is my attempt to create some useful instruction.

The Grammar Hotline

The GoogleDoc below is our class’s Grammar Hotline. You can type your specific grammar questions into the document or answer a fellow classmates’ question if you are able to help them out. Specific sentences that you need help with are great. General questions may be more difficult to answer.

Online Resources

If you know you have some general grammar questions, the following resources are great:

Grammar Bytes — exercises, self-quizzes, and explanations

GrammarGirl: a reference guide for grammar questions, podcasts you can download and take with you (I did this in grad school)

Talk to the Teacher

Finally, you can always email me with specific grammar concerns, but do try the first two solutions first. I think you’ll find them helpful 🙂


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