Progress Posts

As we near the end of Week 2, please don’t forget to post your progress reports. While you’re writing your posts, I recommend you keep the directions near by. Several of you have written posts that do not fulfill the criteria.

You’re supposed to be informing your readers about your search process, your learning process, and your sources. This means you need to give more than some links to some sources that you might review. You need to think about who’s writing those pieces, how they are written, what they are telling you, and what they make you (re)consider or how they shape your hypotheses.

Here is an example of my own writing about a source I found on Twitter when examining what it takes to be an effective Writing Program Administrator (WPA). Though it’s not exactly a progress report (it was just a post about a source), it gives you an idea of how I’m thinking about the research process: In order for this post to work for an iSearch project, I would have had to address what I found about what it takes to be a WPA and what I would have needed to explore next as a result of learning that information or how that information shaped my thoughts about the issue.

Any questions? Feel free to leave comments.




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